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At CSPBC we bridge the gap between our community and local industries. Our customizable and full spectrum senior level recruiting services tap into current and future markets on a small and large scale. Whether you are an employer or job seeker, contact CareerSource Palm Beach County today-where quality meets no-cost.

Ariel Laureano, Sr. Recruiter
Property Management, Construction, Trades, and Manufacturing
561-340-1060 ext. 2610 | Book an Appointment

Bryon Lewis, Recruiter
Healthcare and Related
561-340-1060 ext. 2302 | Book an Appointment

Loma Westcarth, Sr. Recruiter
 Logistics, Trades, and Warehouse
561-340-1060 ext. 2331 | Book an Appointment

Marie Merritt, Recruiter
IT, Aerospace, and Engineering
561-340-1060 ext. 2204 | Book an Appointment

Michelle Sena, Sr. Recruiter
Internal, Executives, and Grants
561-340-1060 ext. 2452 | Book an Appointment

Osama Islam, Recruiter
 Hospitality, Finance, and Marketing
561-340-1060 ext. 2383 | Book an Appointment

Robin Parsons, Sr. Recruiter
Financial, Office Admin, and Medical
561-340-1060 ext. 2303 | Book an Appointment

Faviola Herrera, Recruiter
Agriculture and Manufacturing
561-340-1060 ext. 2140 | Book an Appointment

Marney Erichsen, Recruiting & Rapid Response Coordinator
561-340-1060 ext. 2452 | Book an Appointment

Visiting Our Career Centers

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Central Career Center
3400 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

West Career Center 
1085 S Main St
Belle Glade, FL 33430