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Top 8 Job Search Tips for Graduates from CareerSource Palm Beach County

West Palm Beach, Fla. (May 4, 2023) – May brings final exams and graduation events for thousands of Palm Beach County high school and college seniors. It’s also the time to plan and begin a search for employment. The good news is that the job market for graduates is the best that it has ever been!

“Unemployment rates are at historic lows. Last month, Palm Beach County added more than 17,000 jobs over the year and there were more than 31,000 advertised job openings,” said Sandra Wright, programs director at CareerSource Palm Beach County, the nonprofit organization chartered by the state to lead workforce development in the county.

Besides the thriving job market, retiring Baby Boomers have been vacating jobs faster than younger workers can replace them. Nationally, the pandemic caused just over 2.4 million more retirements than predicted. Employers are looking to replace this talent with new graduates.

With these encouraging developments, CareerSource offers these tips to help graduates land that first job:

Tip #1 - Start now! Visit your college career center or CareerSource Palm Beach County for job search assistance. You can visit online anytime for more information about our programs and services, including job readiness, hiring events, and our summer work readiness programs for youth and young adults at
Tip #2 – Stand out. Resumes from graduates look alike to employers, so be sure yours stands out. List internships, summer jobs, part-time jobs, community service projects and campus activities. Also include marketable skills such as computer and software knowledge, and additional languages spoken. Need help creating a great resume? CareerSource offers resume development workshops at no cost.

Tip #3 – Jump start your job search. Register online in the Employ Florida jobs database at You can search for businesses that are hiring and the types of job openings available. Not sure which jobs best match your skills and aptitude? CareerSource offers assessments to help you clearly define your skills, determine the types of work you might enjoy and find occupations that match your strengths and abilities. 

Tip #4 – Use social media effectively. Find out about employers from their company website and social media. Be sure to maintain a professional profile on personal web pages and other online sites such as LinkedIn. Post recommendations, and connections and keep your sites up to date.

Tip #5 – Dress for success. Whether the job interview is online or in-person, transition your wardrobe from casual classroom attire to a working professional look.  Until you understand the dress code of your new employer, you may have to adopt a more formal style. Wear clean, pressed, well-fitting slacks and dress shirts, or business dresses/skirts and tops with comfortable but sensible shoes when meeting employers.  

Tip #6 – Ask questions. Develop at least two probing questions for the interviewer. Each question should help you learn how you can be successful in the position, understand the role you would play in the company, and find out if the company has the right environment for you. Listen carefully to responses and identify opportunities for follow-up questions.

Tip #7 – Follow up. After the interview, send a thank you letter or email. This demonstrates that you are eager to work and that you appreciate that the interviewer was willing to invest time away from their business to talk with you. You may want to post a positive message on social media about the experience. Ask the interviewer when he or she expects to make a hiring decision and follow up to see if the job remains open or if other positions become available. 

Tip #8 – Networking. Take advantage of networking opportunities to make new connections. Meeting new people at professional meetings, networking and hiring events can lead to interviews, jobs leads and references. Stay connected with your classmates, instructors, and past employers. Tell your parents’ friends and your neighbors. You never know who may be the connection to your next opportunity! 

"Finding the right job after completing your education is a major step toward developing the skills, confidence, and experience required to be successful in a new career.  CareerSource offers many programs and services to help all young adults enter the job market," Ms. Wright said.

Programs and services at CareerSource include:

  • Classes and facilities for job search
  • Career development/consulting/ placement services
  • Grants for job training for those who qualify
  • Talent identifiers and assessments
  • Programs for youth and young adults

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