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Keep Calm, Cool and Collected During Interviews

Don't sweat it with these interview tips!

Even the most confident applicants can experience a moment of panic and uncertainty during an interview. It is normal to suddenly choke and become overwhelmed as your mind scrambles for a coherent sentence. Sweat beading on the forehead, dry mouth, and sweaty palms are all normal signs off distress you may display during this situation. In a professional setting this can be awkward. Depending on how generous your host is they may offer you some water - but it is always best to hydrate adequately before arriving. This article will prepare you to traverse uncertain terrain, build your courage, and learn how to not sweat the little things. Literally and figuratively.

Research The Company

Taking an hour or two to google the company you're about to interview with can help equip you with enough information to handle tough questions that come your way. It's always good to search for the latest news articles and social media posts to get an idea of what they're most currently engaged with. Getting a feel for their corporate culture will also help you know what to expect. When speaking with a recruiter or HR rep before going in you can ask about the general atmosphere at the office. Are they more nose-to-the-grindstone work hard/play hard types? Or is it more casual and relaxed with Hawaiian Shirts and Happy Hours?

Review Your Resume

Reviewing your resume gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with your skills and prepare responses based on your experience. It's always good to give quantitative information that presents concrete examples of your accomplishments. Knowing yourself, and knowing your strengths, is the best way to walk in to any situation with confidence.

Do Mock Interviews

There are countless online resources to aid you with practicing your interview skills. One we recommend is Optimal Resume which has a robust suite of interview practice resources. If all else fails you can grab a friend, or put a tie on your dog and pretend like he's a senior director.

Everyone is human and we all want to do our best so remember... there are no perfect answers. Just be yourself and try not to tell any lies. Lying is possibly the worst thing someone can do on a job interview. Either the person interviewing you will immediately know you are a charlatan based on their expertise and your painfully obvious lack of knowledge, or they could fall for it only to have your lies return to haunt you one day when you're handed the big Excel project because "you're the inventor of pivot charts" but really you barely know how to set your margins in Word.

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